Pupnaps: a calming dog bed that anxious pups love

The Pupnaps calming dog beds have been able to help thousands of pups with anxiety. A simple high quality dog bed to help anxious dogs keep calm.

Pupnaps: a calming dog bed that anxious pups love

Through his store Pupnaps, Davie Fogarty has been able help thousands of pups with anxiety. The Pupnaps calming dog bed solving a major problem of anxiety for dogs. A product dog owners are now raving about online with ‘love’, ‘sleeping like a baby’ and ‘so peaceful’.

What are calming dog beds?

Small Pup Getting Cosy

A calming dog bed is a special type of bed designed to replicate the feeling of safety that young puppies feel while snuggling up with their mother as well as their siblings. If you have more than one dog, there should be plenty of room for all of your pets to snuggle together, just like they were back in the day when they were younger. This type of bed is designed to replicate the feeling of being in amongst their siblings and Mum or Dad. 

The material needs to be soft, but if your dog disappears into the inner mattress, then there isn't enough filling for it to work effectively. Make sure that there are high sides around the bed so that your pet can rest its head without feeling vulnerable in case they hear a noise or start to feel anxious.

Pupnaps calming beds loved by everyone

Learning from his other businesses, Pupnaps has been one of Davie’s fastest growing brands. Starting Pupnaps with his best friend, they used the success formula they have honed in on so well. Focusing on a quality product, fast shipping and great customer service.

Before the product even launched, the product was an instant ‘love that!’. Dog owners who were given the product to test were amazed at how much their dogs loved the calming bed. Even the Pupnap calming bed advertising photo shoot with friends and their dog was a hit. Davie explained that their dog would just crawl into the bed and not leave for the entire photo shoot.

Photo shoot for Pupnaps calming bed

Quality calming dog beds above the rest

Davie Fogarty, Co-founder of Pupnaps

With a ton of spammy companies just drop shipping low quality, Pupnaps was able to absolutely dominate the dog bed market. Creating an amazing customer experience by developing a high quality dog bed and having a fast shipping experience for customers.

“That brand quickly went to one million revenue a month in just six months of launching it, which is probably our fastest growing launch.”

Pupnaps has focused on a relentless desire to make customers happy. With so many chances to cut corners, Davie has learnt from his other businesses. Doubling down on his success. Quality products, fast shipping and brilliant customer service are his secret weapons. 

Pupnaps solving a major problem of anxiety for pets. Understanding that dogs need a comfortable place to sleep in order to be healthy. Davie set out to change the importance we place on our pets' sleep habits. As well as helping to tackle the rise of anxiety symptoms in dogs.

Should you get a calming bed for your dog?

These types of dog beds are designed for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. The material is soft and comfortable for your pet to lie down on and the sides are quite high so that your pet can rest its head without feeling vulnerable. If you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety, then this is where they will want to lie to feel safe and secure when you're not there.

Calming dog beds are also great for dogs that have issues moving into a new home. Some dogs may become distressed with a new home and think that they are being abandoned. You can buy a bed for your dog to lie on and help to create a sense of familiarity in the new environment. This way, your dog will have somewhere familiar to relax and feel safe in the new home.

If you are going away on holiday or staying in a hotel, then it's always nice to take your dog with you. A dog bed can be useful to take with you to the new environment. A bed where they can rest their head and feel safe. 

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety and you're looking for a bed that can help them with this, then buying one of these is something that you should seriously consider. They are designed specifically to help dogs relax and feel more secure when their owners are not around.

No matter what your dog's sleeping style is, there's a pet bed out there that will be perfect for them.

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